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The Best Charcuterie Board Accessories and Tools

Charcuterie boards have become a popular trend and for good reason! They offer a delightful combination of flavors, textures, and colors that make them not only delicious but also visually stunning. Whether you're hosting a casual get-together with friends, planning a romantic date night, or simply treating yourself, a charcuterie board can elevate any occasion. Today, I'm sharing the essential charcuterie board accessories and tools you need to create a perfect charcuterie board at home.

charcuterie board accessories and tools

Charcuterie Board Accessories and Tool

1. The Right Board or Platter

The foundation of any charcuterie board is, of course, the serving board or platter. I prefer a large wooden board, slate, or ceramic platter to create a beautiful backdrop for your spread. The choice of board material can nicely complement the foods.

2. Garnishing Tools

A set of cheese knives, spreading knives, and serving tongs are essential tools for assembling and serving your charcuterie board. These tools ensure that guests can easily access the various items on the board while having a beautiful presentation.

3. Small Bowls or Ramekins

Use small bowls or ramekins to serve dips, sauces, or condiments either separately from the board or on the board. This way, you can keep the charcuterie board organized while providing various dipping options.

The Necessary Charcuterie Board Foods

1. Assorted Cheeses

Cheese is a star player on any charcuterie board, so choosing a selection of different types is a good way to please any crowd. Include a mix of soft and hard cheeses like brie, gouda, cheddar, and blue cheese. To elevate the board further, you can experiment with aged varieties and artisanal options.

2. An Array of Cured Meats

The charcuterie in "charcuterie board" refers to cured meats, so it's essential to include them! Prosciutto, salami, and soppressata are classic choices for any board. I prefer sourcing high-quality, and local meats for a high-end experience.

3. Crackers and Bread

To balance the creamy cheeses and salty meats, provide an assortment of crackers and crispy bread. My favorites are water crackers, whole-grain crackers, or baguette slices. These items not only add texture to the board but are also a perfect vessel to carry the other items.

4. Sweet and Savory Spreads

Enhance the flavors of your charcuterie board by offering a variety of sweet and savory spreads. Fig jam, honeycomb, and your favorite dips are excellent choices to complement the cheeses and meats.

5. Fresh and Dried Fruits

Incorporate fresh and dried fruits to provide a burst of sweetness. Grapes, strawberries, apple slices, dried apricots, and figs are popular choices that add color to the board.

6. Nuts and Olives

For an additional layer of texture and flavor, include an assortment of nuts and olives. Almonds, pecans, and mixed nuts can be scattered across the board, while olives like Kalamata provide a salty note.

Creating a charcuterie board at home can bring joy to both you and your guests. The next time you plan a gathering or simply want to treat yourself to a special snack, gather these essential accessories and tools to fully enjoy. Happy charcuterie boarding!

Keep Grazing,


Karen Ormsby is the founder and owner of Oakford Gourmet Selections. Karen is an Australian native who brings her diverse and educated palate to creating beautiful, artistic, and delicious charcuterie boards and grazing platters. Located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakford Gourmet Selections provides charcuterie and grazing catering perfect for any sized events including girl's nights, weddings, receptions, engagements, parties, networking events, and more.

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