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The holidays are here which means that Oakford Gourmet Selections is busier than ever. So many people in Utah are ordering, and putting together, grazing boards for holiday events this year and that makes me beyond happy!


One question I get asked a lot from people assembling their own boards is “what goes well with ____________?” People usually have a favorite item (or two) and want to build their board around that special food. I thought I’d take a minute this month and share my favorite food pairings to help you build your own holiday board.

Let me preface this list by saying that there is absolutely no wrong way to build a board. The best part of charcuterie boards and grazing platters is that it’s such a fun way to experiment with different foods and flavors, and as long as you like what you’re putting on your board, that’s all that matters!



Brie or other soft cheeses: pair perfectly with honey/honeycomb, crisp apples, and olives.

Sharp aged cheese: pair nicely with fresh or dried apricots and cherries.

Semi-soft cheese like Manchego, Gouda, or Jarlsberg: pair with salty nuts, mushrooms, or seasonal fruits.


Good Salamis and good cheese are a match made in heaven.

Spicy or peppery meats: complement cornichons, anti-pasti (olives, artichokes), apples, and baguettes.

Mild salami: pair perfectly with seasonal berries, soft cheese, and pomegranates.

Prosciutto: this charcuterie board favorite pairs with soft cheese, honey, and blackberries.


Berries & Figs: pair great with most cheeses and salami.

Fruits with other fruits: I love pairing items with other like items such as pairing cantaloupe and raspberries, cherries and coconut, and strawberries with passionfruit.

Vegetables: crunchy sweet vegetables like carrots, bell peppers & cucumbers just sing when combined with a good dip, it doesn't matter what dip, just one that you love!


Crackers: Buttery crackers love a zing - salami, marinated mozzarella, artichokes, and tomatoes are all a great pairing with crackers.

Water crackers: pair with everything without overpowering anything, and because of this are one of my favorite items to include on every grazing board I build.

I hope this pairing guide helps you in building your own charcuterie board / grazing platter at home. But, if you find yourself too busy in the chaos of Christmas, schedule a free inquiry with us to get your holiday charcuterie board delivered to your doorstep.

Keep Grazing,


Karen Ormsby is the founder and owner of Oakford Gourmet Selections. Karen is an Australian native who brings her diverse and educated palate to creating beautiful, artistic, and delicious charcuterie boards and grazing platters. Located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakford Gourmet Selections provides charcuterie and grazing catering perfect for any sized events including girl's nights, weddings, receptions, engagements, parties, networking events, and more.

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