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Create the perfect charcuterie board from these Trader Joe's must-haves.

trader joes charcuterie board

How to Make a Trader Joe's Charcuterie Board

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to shop when creating a charcuterie board for a cozy night at home or an evening with the girls. Not only is it a one-stop shop for all charcuterie board necessities, you also know you're getting good quality food items without spending a fortune.

My Favorite Trade Joe's Charcuterie Board Items

Here are my 5 must-have Trader Joe's products for the perfect homemade charcuterie board/grazing platter.

1 - Fresh Basil Plant

I absolutely love having one of Trader Joe's fresh basil plants on hand. They last forever with a little TLC, and can easily be incorporated into charcuterie boards/grazing platters. A little tip when buying a fresh basil plant: make sure to choose the plant with the most green leaves evenly distributed throughout the entire plant.

2 - Mini Pearl Grape Tomatoss

The mini pearl grape tomatoes at Trader Joe's are so delicious! They have an incredible flavorful taste, are the perfect bite size and really "pop" when you chew into them. A must have for any homemade board!

3 - Champagne Grapes

Champagne grapes are one of my favorite fruits to include on any charcuterie board/grazing platter. They're smaller than the average grape and are so sweet! With all the savory items on the board, it's good to have a taste of sweetness throughout too. They're not always available so when you see them, grab them!

4 - Figs

My love of figs runs deep. Trader Joe's offers a variety of figs during fig season and you really can't go wrong with whichever one you choose.

5 - Cheeses

I think we can all agree that the cheese selection at Trader Joe's is wonderful and diverse! I love trying out new cheeses and incorporating them into my boards. However, my favorite must-have cheeses from Trader Joe's is: Blueberry and Vanilla Goat Cheese, Burrata and White Stilton with Apricots.

Happy Grazing!

Karen Omsby

Karen Ormsby is the founder an owner of Oakford Gourmet Selections. Karen is an Australian native who brings her diverse and educated palate to creating beautiful, artistic and delicious charcuterie boards and grazing platters. Located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakford Gourmet Selections provides charcuterie and grazing catering perfect for any sized events including girl's nights, weddings, receptions, engagements, parties, networking events and more.

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Zoe Rosenbeck
Zoe Rosenbeck
06 nov 2021

I would love to know more about what kinds of sauces and dips to use on a cheese board.

Me gusta
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